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Hi, If you call them directly all they should need to know is what state you are in. A lot about your rate is dependent on the individual state policies and regulations. That is what they need to give you a quote as far as I know and I assume the rest of the info is indeed so they can send you junk mail etc (could be wrong though). Check out the company I listed below. They have by far the best rates I have ever heard of and If you call can give you a quote in about 5 minutes. Good luck,
18.03.2012, 02:29 Uhr
Hazel thanks for your note. (LOVE The Sartorialist!!). All black is often the default colour because it's the easier to unify (imagine an ensemble full of slightly different shades of red), it's easy on the eyes, and the audience tends to focus more on the music than if the ensemble were wearing different colours. The problem with saying go for it, wear any colour is what one person considers stylish another will consider completely inappropriate. There there's the issue of colour clashing. And in classical music, there are known stereotypes about what kind of dress is associated with certain types of music. Opera performers (and audiences) tend to go all out with style and flamboyance; Baroque performers (and audiences) tend not to consider fashion a big deal and are very low-key with their apparel. Ultimately, no, I don't think ensembles should be able to wear any colour; then it looks like a rehearsal.
12.03.2012, 02:29 Uhr
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11.10.2011, 02:49 Uhr
With the bases loaded you struck us out with that aesnwr!
09.10.2011, 03:50 Uhr
This makes everything so completely panilses.
27.08.2011, 07:54 Uhr
I am in Kolkata & wish to start a small amateur publication house. It would be more of a hobby than business.

I will publish BANGLA entertaining books only,
genre :- crime/detective/thriller/fiction and subjects of general interest. Also "english rahasyo uponyaser chayay lekha bangla uponyash."

I am looking foe hobby& amateur & non-professional new writers for the same.

If this interests you, let me know your full name & contact details.
Pl publish this in your website also.

Awaiting prompt responce.
best regards,
06.08.2011, 17:48 Uhr
more bangla ebooks at>>>
Mh Sweet
02.07.2011, 08:22 Uhr
20.05.2011, 17:25 Uhr
a great site !!!
i am twelv years old and i have a site wihwe not many peoples.
Kommon !!!
14.05.2011, 14:17 Uhr
11.02.2011, 19:30 Uhr
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02.06.2010, 17:47 Uhr
Lust auf Erotische & eindeutige Bilder von mir? Erfüle dir auch jeden wunsch ;)

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